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One of the great gifts of my adulthood is that my dad and I are developing a friendship and coming to a place where we can laugh together. You see my dad was never someone I actually communicated with. He was always the DAD in “Love mom and dad” in her handwriting in b...

Aunt Joanne gave us the silver fish. She came down from Manhattan with a suitcase full of stylish dresses, and expensive sweaters from Lord and Taylor for my brother and me, along with a school of silver fish that must have climbed aboard the brown leather vessel from...

Nothing interesting ever happens in Burbank,” my daughter laments. 

Come on!” I counter, “Opie Taylor and Edward Scizzorhands were born here!

I mean we’re never in the news unless there’s a mountain lion spotted in Griffith Park or when Huell Howser visited Tally Ran...

I impress myself with my calmness, my consistent cheer. I wear my heart on my sleeve.  I am Type A all the way, but on the day that I move my youngest child into college, I don’t shed a single tear. Not that I’d not cried on that campus before.

After proofing countless...

My father has never been one for face-to-face communication, but he always did know how to make a statement.

When I turned 18, he knew my route to high school and posted signs boldly declaring in thick sharpie markers SUZANNE LOWE IS LEGAL TODAY on stop signs, trees and...

When I was growing up in the 70’s, I thought everyone’s mother used a razor blade to cut open the fully squeezed out toothpaste tube scraping brushes with the last remnants. I assumed when making hamburgers all moms sliced the patties through the center to make thin ci...

The boxers stood on opposite sides of the podium, glaring at one another, their handlers whispering in their ears what I imagine were calming mantras: “Keep your cool.” “Save it for the ring.” You could feel the testosterone in the small Press Room at the Great Western...

He was nine pounds when I met him. Somehow I’d squeezed all nine of those pounds out of me with no medication. “Hello you!” I said, holding him in my arms as the night nurse tried to put him in the bassinet. “You should get some rest,” she said. “No, I’ll just keep him...

We rumbled into the driveway with the engine growling like a five hundred pound grizzly bear. It was both exhilarating and terrifying, my arms wrapped around my lover’s waist as we flew down the highway from our college town toward my childhood home. I’d never been on...

I was 25 when I began dating the handsome, outgoing and energetic man I’ll call Finnegan. He worked in my office, which is generally not the smartest choice for a relationship. He was also the second man I’d dated at my office. A really bad choice and probably not one...

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